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self managed and full managed VPS hosting
Jun 14, 2022

What is Self-managed and Full managed VPS hosting?

Before we reveal the differences between VPS Self-managed hosting and full managed VPS hosting, let’s talk about the basics. We will start with who should use the VPS hosting, to begin with, and why this option is better than its alternatives.

There are a number of different web hosting servers used in different conditions. The most commonly used ones include:

  1. Dedicated server
  2. VPS
  3. Shared hosting server

A detailed blog post is already available on our HostOnFox blog if you want to understand the differences in details (a 4th type is a Cloud hosting server, but that’s the story for another time).

Usually, the idea is that a Dedicated server is more expensive than a shared hosting server because of the virtual space it provides for websites and their data. It also depends on the web hosting plans. Again visit our blog for details regarding various web hosting plans in Pakistan.

As in the shared hosting, you share your website’s home with multiple users having their own data from their own websites. But it is cheap, and for the websites with not a lot of traffic, this option seems the most feasible.

With Dedicated servers, the cost increases but so does the quality. You also get more privacy than you get in shared hosting.

Now, let us talk about the VPS or Virtual Private Systems. This hosting type combines dedicated and shared hosting by only getting their plus points.

“Virtual Private Systems (VPSs) are virtual servers designed to work like dedicated servers in a shared hosting environment.”

So, this is what VPS is all about: own space plus no outsider allowed plus data safety and low cost.

VPS or Virtual Private System hosting servers are of 2 kinds. One is the VPS Self-Managed hosting, while the other is Full Managed VPS Hosting.

What should you know before selecting one for your website?

Full managed VPS hosting:

As the name suggests, a full managed VPS hosting is all about letting the professionals take care of the VPS management. Whether it is the time that you don’t have or the skill and experience in managing the Virtual Private Systems that you lack, hiring outsiders or professionals to manage the hosting will ease the process.

The Full Managed VPS Hosting provides the following benefits:

  1. Smooth Sailing and server maintaining

When professionals are hired for managing the hosting server, it helps as they will only be working on the maintenance of your server. This means that you will have smooth sailing; thus, you won’t have to wake up at odd hours because of a new glitch, etc.

  1. Keep going. You don’t have to wait for updates.

Updating the software or the hardware are again not the concern you will have in this type of VPS Hosting.

  1. Monitor or not to monitor, this is the question

This is an important part of running the hosting smoothly. But again, you don’t have to be the one who will pay close attention to all the spikes and peak times incoming traffic. The lack of website crashing is the responsibility of the professionals you hire.

  1. Data Protection and Backing up of the data:

In the full managed VPS hosting, the system will undergo regular checks to find possible vulnerabilities. The backing up of the data will also be done regularly so as not to lose the data in any future situation.

Regular backups of the files, applications, and web servers help restore the data if any situation arises where the data is lost or attacked by a virus, etc.

  1. Security and safety:

The full managed VPS hosting also provides security by checking the weak points, spyware, malware, and any traffic pattern that may raise suspicion. This way, the data, and backup will be safe and secured.

  1. Tech Support:

24-7-365 technical support and assistance will be available to you and your customers. It is as simple as that.

Then there were cons!

Overall, a fully managed VPS Hosting will be a great way to manage technical help and monitoring, but it also has some drawbacks that include:

  1. It is not cheap. Of course, when you get the best of both worlds, the thinking it will be cheap is not correct. But using cloud hosting, which uses more than one, i.e., a cluster of servers will be even better.
  2. As the software and hardware are both under the control of the hosting providers, your control over the decisions related to these is limited concerning customization.
  3. It may not be fast if you need an urgent new installation, software, or hardware. Although the hosting providers are working around the clock, they will need time to get the request and make progress on it.

Self-managed Hosting VPS:

As the name suggests, the users are the ones controlling the VPS hosting in this case. The hosting providers do not do the maintenance.

In the self-managed hosting VPS, the hosting service providers will be responsible for providing the users a physical server, functional, of course.

Why do people want to manage everything by themselves?


The self-managed Hosting VPS allows the users to manage the servers as they want. But the users should only opt for this when they are technological savvy, especially in the case of managing a web hosting VPS.

The Self-Managed Hosting VPS provides the following benefits:

  1. Customize more:

Unlike the previous Full Managed VPS Hosting , here you have the power to make changes, alter the things you think will improve the overall experience, and more. Install any software and only let others see the information you want them to see.

  1. Cut the Cost:

From low to no cost, self-managed hosting VPS give both options. The only thing that the Hosting Server provider gives is the server space.

  1. Secure low & high:

You can apply as much security as you deem suitable as you have the power. Be a minimum level of security or a full-blown intensive security.

  1. Relying on your experience:

Again, as you have the control, you don’t have to depend on others to install updates, change formats, and more. You rely on yourself, and you do you.

If you, somehow, lack expertise or have no time to improve your technical skills, the risk will become somewhat higher. Don’t be intimidated. Try to keep your freedom or look for alternatives. It is not something to be afraid of.

  1. Hire for serious difficulty:

You can hire IT experts and other professionals instead of the hosting service providers. Because a self-managed hosting VPS is better in so many ways, but if you lack the skills or the IT technical expertise, hire the ones who do have these skills. But if you think you are not ready, then looking at the full managed hosting VPS is not a bad idea. It is better than halting on the road to success.

As concluding remarks, just know that if the server is not doing what you want it to, make the right decision and don’t blame others. Work on it.

For more information on other options for web hosting, check out our blog. Also, if you have any questions, comment below.

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