The Most Affordable Way to Build a Website

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The Most Affordable Way to Build a Website

“Free website builder” is a reality. New business owners or people with tight budgets looking for free website builders to build a website are relatively common. People look for options where they don’t have to pay for hosting their websites. But this is not a bad thing.

After all, who wouldn’t think of this option as an appealing one? You can easily find free hosting plans online. However, better-paid hosting plans are available, like the ones offered by HostOnFox hosting.

These website builders are free and won’t cost you a penny. Also, these platforms are considerably easy to understand and use. There are many people in business without having advanced technical understanding or degrees. The website builder is easy to use. Thus, it allows people without expert knowledge to build a website for their own without asking for help. A simple Google search will show them how website builders work.

So, considering these advantages, it seems like a pretty good deal to have.

Well, let’s talk about the other side of the coin. There are also some disadvantages to using these free-of-cost website builders.

These disadvantages may not seem apparent initially, but once you start working on your website, you may come across a few of these sooner than you think. At the same time, there are also other disadvantages that you will not come across initially but rather face once you are working on growing the website in the future.

Let’s discuss the potential drawbacks below to help you understand why free website building and website hosting have become problematic.

Probable disadvantages of using the FREE website builders and website hosting

It’s good to consider how these difficulties can affect your new website or your firm before constructing it on free website builders. The same goes for free hosting platforms.

Free website builders have to generate money somehow, and the most common way is through advertisements that appear on your website. This causes two problems.

  • One possibility is that your customers will engage in an advertisement. But, later, they leave rather than stay to complete a transaction with you.
  • Another issue is that you may have no choice over the types of advertisements on your website. This may have an impact on the impression your website makes on visitors.

Important issues that you should be aware of when using free website builders and free website hosting:

  • Not many options for themes and designs to build a website:

One disadvantage of using free website builders is that they do not allow a higher number of themes. It means you don’t have many options for your website. Similarly, the customization characteristics are also limited.

The website owner will not be able to change the theme or design to his or her own liking. BUT, you can opt for the paid version, which is most probably an option available with your free website builder. This upgrade allows you to assess the ownership of the design more. So it allows the possibility of editing and changing the design.

  •  A domain name can be co-branded:

A free website builder and a free website hosting plan, which is an excellent catch for many reasons. But, this free service is also equipped with many limitations. One such limitation is a domain name that can be merged with another brand name when the option is getting it free of cost.

This co-branding will not look good and may even create a sloppy look for your website. The important thing is that you will not be able to select the domain name most suited to your website’s niche.

  • Functional Limitation:

Another constraint is that free hosting and website builders will not allow you to add the APIs you desire.

For example, suppose you have an eCommerce website. You want to make sure that your website is integrated with shipping apps. But the free website builder option will not allow this integration to happen.

  • Migrating the website domain:

A free website builder package can be ideal when your company is small. However, you may require a more sophisticated web hosting plan to handle increased traffic and services if your business expands.

Nevertheless, moving your domain and website content from a completely free provider to a paid web host might be tricky. In a worst-case scenario, you may be forced to create an entirely new website on a different domain.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) issues:

Using a free provider to develop and host your website might cause SEO problems in a few ways.

For starters, not all free website providers come in handy for search engine crawlers to get your website indexed. This means it will not rank as highly as possible in the Google search results.

Secondly, if you have to relocate your website to a new host and can’t preserve your domain name, you’ll have to restart your SEO on the new website from zero.

The same thing happens when you have to transfer your website files simply.

  • Customer support:

It’s typical to want assistance when launching or build a website. But opting for a free plan might result in you spending more time waiting instead of focusing on building your brand.

How to create a long-lasting website at a low cost

A premium hosting plan may prevent you from experiencing the drawbacks of free website builders. This will allow you to develop a website that will highlight your brand. It will also help your website appear in the Google search results. This leads to establishing trust with your guests. It is also not always unreasonably costly.

The correct hosting plan might also provide you with many free website-building tools. For instance, with a HostOnFox Shared Hosting plan, you can install free WordPress. You can also personalize it with many free themes and plugins. On the HostOnFox website blog, you’ll find many WordPress lessons and suggestions.

Not into WordPress right now? Want to try something else? Well, we have you covered.

Just hop on to the HostOnFox website builder. This creative website builder uses AI to transform your responses, logo, and photographs into a professional-looking and adaptable website.

HostOnFox offers sophisticated tools with gorgeous designs, great uptime, and the ability to sell products. The HostOnFox Website Builder is an incredible option to get an eCommerce store up and running quickly.

Other routes to take if you want more savings on your website builder and website hosting

These methods will help you avoid paying a premium for web hosting services.

  • Go on a discount hunt. Look for starter deals and seasonal discounts on web hosting plans for new clients.
  • You must pay in advance. When you sign up for a year’s worth of hosting, most companies will offer you a deal on the monthly fee.

Purchase in “bulk.” When you know your website will be operational for 2+ years, signing up for an extended website hosting plan will save you money.

The bottom line is that purchasing a hosting plan to create your website doesn’t have to be expensive. It may help you save money and time. It will also attract more customers as your company grows.

Whether you go for WordPress or the HostOnFox website builder, hosting should not be compromised.

Are you ready to build a website which is unique yet economical that will last and develop with your company? Choose HostOnFox‘s shared hosting package and get started right now.

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