The Cost/Price of Webhosting in 2022’s Pakistan

The price of webhosting in Pakistan

The Cost/Price of Webhosting in 2022’s Pakistan

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Have you ever wondered why all major brands, even the minor ones, have a professional-looking website and a remarkable social media presence? There is thought-out and logical reasoning behind this, actually. The price of webhosting in Pakistan is not high enough so anyone and everyone can create the website that delivers.

The short reason is “competing” in the digital world. Many developing nations have been using technology to freelance their services and significantly impact the economy.

Why is having an online presence significant?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, people who always thought that online marketing was a colossal waste of time and money came to understand the importance of having an online presence. Unless manufacturing was required, almost every business started working remotely with the help of digital applications. When everyone was quarantined or staying indoors due to lockdowns, the people started staying online more than ever.

This was the perfect opportunity for small businesses to get equipped with the needed updates. Going digital, having a website and a social media presence became crucial instead of an insignificant part of doing business.

You are not late if you also want to start using this opportunity. Many new and old brands, both small and big, are still looking into and planning in detail on how to go digital.

If you are one of these, especially if you run a business in Pakistan, then this article is for you.

The most important part of going global for success is getting the web hosting that resonates with your brand and helps your brand evolve instead of giving slow page loading and lots of 404 errors.

So to get you all started, this article will help you understand the cost and types of web hosting, especially in Pakistan.

Types of Web Hosting: A Quick Look

For those who have as little as zero knowledge about this, let us give you all an introduction so that you can catch up with the important basics before going to the part of the price of webhosting in Pakistan and for all types.

What is web hosting?

Think it like this, you have data and information in the form of words and images. If you don’t like to pay a lot of money, you can use sharing where you and another person will buy the same space for their separate data or pay more. This space where all your website data and information is stored will be the hosting.

Another option is buying a number of servers or cloud hosting where you will have all the data stored in all the space without sharing it with other web developers. Now let’s move into the part where different types of hosting will be briefly explained.

How many types of web hosting are there?

The most common types of web hosting plans include:

  1. Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting
  2. Shared hosting
  3. Cloud hosting
  4. Dedicated hosting

A few other types of web hosting are also there, like the following: (only stating their names so that you do not confuse these)

  1. WordPress hosting
  2. Reseller hosting
  3. Managed hosting

It would help if you kept in mind that a simple website can use any one of these web hosting options because the loading can be affected due to the gigantic data. But if you have more traffic, data, and pages, then you should look for specific criteria that will help your website in the long run.

For example, the number of pages, the number of plug-ins, and whether you need a premium theme or not, everything affect the overall cost you will incur after the web hosting selection.

So, now that all these technicalities are out of the way, let’s start talking about the various costs of different types of the common ones, web hosting in Pakistan.

How much does your website hosting will cost for you?

We have selected the 3 most common and better options from the web hosting types mentioned above to clear things up without bombarding you with extra detailed information. The three web hosting types include:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Cloud hosting

Shared Hosting:

Going back to the example given above so that you can understand the concept of web hosting and its types, shared hosting is the one where the same building, as in the server, will be used for hosting multiple websites at the same time. So same building, yet numerous residents with their information use it simultaneously. This is why it is called SHARED web hosting.

The Good:

With multiple websites being hosted at the same server. You get the advantage of low the price of webhosting in Pakistan.

The Bad:

With lots of websites on the same web hosting server, it is not a surprise that you will find issues with the website running.

  1. The performance of the website will be affected. Think of this like you have the space that is used for your website’s data but you can’t have access to it when you want it; but you may have it when there is no need.

Also, the loading time can be seen to have some delays. Sometimes it may load fast, while other times, the website pages will load really slow.

  1. The security of your website will also have a certain level of negative impact. If one website gets infected with a virus, it can allow the virus to sweep into your website’s main frame.

The price of webhosting in Pakistan in shared hosting:

Now about the cost and price of hosting in Pakistan:

  1. What about renewing the hosting plan rates of hosting in Pakistan? Well, the simple answer is that usually, if you see the monthly paying plan for the shared hosting, you will see that the monthly rate is typically low. But then there is the annual fee which may seem high, but once divided over the 12 months, you will be able to see how it becomes the ultimate low price of hosting in Pakistan.
  2. The average price of webhosting in Pakistan: For shared hosting, you will be able to find the web hosting for a discounted the price of webhosting in Pakistan to be PKR 512 (according to the current conversion rates) for the first month with one free domain.

From the next time, the price of webhosting in Pakistan for the same shared hosting plan will be increased by PKR 198 approximately.

The maximum rate by good web hosting companies (for a list of some great web hosting companies in Pakistan, check out our HostOnFox blog) will be approximately PKR 980.

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server” hosting. You may ask how this web hosting plan differs from the shared hosting plan as both use the same server.

The Good:

As the complete space is in your power and control thus, the performance will be better than the shared hosting, especially if you have a website with multiple pages and links.

The security will be better, and so will the overall performance, including the website loading time.

You also get to have daily backups, official emails, SSL security, subdomains, free migrations (in the business cloud hosting plan), and more.

The Bad:

You will be able to enjoy some great perks with VPS hosting. But there will still be some limitations to what you can control.

If you are about to go global or expand. There will be issues when your server space remains the same, but your requirements will keep increasing.


With a little more investment in your hardware and IT people you will be able to get better results without having to learn and understand more about the technical aspects of the improvements.

Now about the price of webhosting in Pakistan!

  1. Renewable prices will be in similar criteria as with the other web hosting plans, as in if you want to get the price reduction, then longer contracts should be preferred instead of the monthly ones.
  2. If average prices are considered, an average of PKR 5934 (calculated according to current exchange rates) will be the cost.

Yes, it will be higher than the shared hosting plan. You also get to have a separate section in the server, so the quality also increases, justifying the cost.

  1. Some VPS hosting providers do give you the option of selecting the right VPS plan. Yes, there is more than one kind.

The minimum rate will be PKR 1998, while you can go with the enterprise package. The price of webhosting in Pakistan starts at a monthly rate of PKR 15,825.

Cloud Hosting

No, it is not the cloud in the sky. But a group of servers that act as a cloud where your data gets stored, and minimum issues arise. So, a whole network of systems is used to provide the hosting.

The Good:

By using cloud hosting, you can easily scale the resources of the server whenever you need to. So more customization and more scalability are possible.

The Bad:

Cloud hosting may work wonders for most, but if you have zero knowledge, we suggest going through the HostOnFox blog and reading about the basics and some detailed articles on hosting domains and cloud hosting. This is because sometimes it is seen that newbies in this field may not even understand the basics while using Cloud Hosting.

The Price of Webhosting in Pakistan:

The thing about cloud hosting is that it can either be very cheap or very expensive. It depends on the plan, the payment cycle, and of course, the cloud web hosting provider.

If you are a small company, then you can get the cheaper cloud hosting plan to give you an idea. NETFLIX uses cloud hosting, but for it, the price of webhosting in Pakistan is not low at all.

HostOnFox Cloud Hosting:

With HostOnFox, the starter pack is priced at only PKR 5922 for the first time with a massive discounted offer.

And the best part is, this price of hosting in Pakistan is for the whole year, not just one month.

Bonus: you get 2 websites with this plan.

The price of webhosting in Pakistan for the standard and business plans is different from the starter plan.

It all depends on why you are using it. Details can be seen at

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