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How to embedding a YouTube video in wordpress

How to Embedding a YouTube Video in WordPress?

To make your WordPress website even better, after selecting a kickass theme and miracle-working plugins, embedding a youtube video in your blog posts, etc., is an amazing option. You can simplify your complex business working, produce more than just written content, make engaging ideas understood by the readers, and top it all, make your viewers come back.

Another important achievement of using embedded videos in your posts is adding the big name of YouTube attached to your website. This is also a website where video content is made, seen, and published every second of every hour of every day by millions and more on a daily basis. You can create your own YouTube channel, and you can get your published videos attached to your website, an opportunity to increase your YouTube channel in the process as well.

WordPress was not always this smart, don’t get me wrong, it was a hero even in the past, but now there are also many new upgrades, so the thing is that you would not have been able to achieve the YouTube video embedment in the past. Today, you can show off your YouTube content easily.


How to Embedding a YouTube Video with Easy ways

1.Best WordPress Video Themes

    1. VideoPro
    2. VideoFly
    3. Vlog
    4. Soledad

2. Ways to embedding a YouTube video in your WordPress powered website through various plugins

    1. Gutenberg and YouTube video embedding
    2. URL / Media file and embedding a YouTube video
    3. Embedding your all-inclusive YouTube channel
    4. Widget area and embedding a YouTube video
    5. YouTube video gallery creation
    6. A popup video light-box
    7. Video zoom
    8. WP YouTube Live
    9. Smash Ballon YouTube Feed Pro
    10. YouTube Subscribe Bar
    11. WP YouTube Lyte

3. Reliable Webhosting company and WordPress embedding a YouTube video

Let’s discuss below

1. Best WordPress Video Themes

We will discuss the YouTube video embedding in the WordPress site soon, but the first WordPress video themes need your attention. The good thing about WordPress, apart from the already explained ones discussed in our blogs, is if you are someone who needs to work with videos of different sizes all the time, then you should work with the themes offered by WordPress, which are specially designed for supporting the posts that include videos.

Another point to be understood about video embedded posts is that if you are using videos from websites that use heavy files, then the best thing to do will be using a hosting plan that will be appropriate for these videos because imagine you going to a website where the loading takes forever because of the wrong hosting plan who doesn’t support that kind of video streaming. Now, will you stay or leave?

I hope that the answer is obvious. So this is indeed an important matter. HostOnFox offers some great plans for you to select from, and buying the one which provides you with enough RAM for video streaming, is important.

Following are Some of the Good Options Embedding a YouTube Video

  1. VideoPro
  2. VideoFly
  3. Vlog
  4. Soledad

VideoPro: This is a theme with great reviews because of its responsiveness. This theme can help you create a video site massive in size. It has features similar to YouTube like offering channels, playlists, and membership through which selling premium content is possible.

Video Fly: This is a very sophisticated and stylish WordPress theme that is easy to use and pretty to work with. Both of these features, setting it up and using video submission, are offered with this theme. Videos can be embedded, inserted, and uploaded easily. Customization is possible as well.

Vlog: Vlog is a theme specially designed for Vloggers who use videos to share their daily lives or certain moments online. They may be related to traveling, unboxing products, reporting on certain issues, and sharing diverse ideas. This theme helps such creative people in sharing their videos on WordPress-powered websites.

The video bloggers can share and embed their videos in playlists or featured images. This plugin is helpful because of its compatibility with video websites, large or small, including the famous YouTube.

Soledad: This WordPress theme is also worth checking out. It has a lot of options to customize and organize in different available layouts. With more than a few hundred templates, you have plenty of room for breathing the way you want, but this is not all. You can also create your very own layout by using “Visual Composer.”

Again, like the other cool themes, you can embed your videos in this WordPress website as well.

2. How to Embedding a YouTube Video

The various routes leading toward a YouTube video embedded in your WordPress website

You may feel dizzy by seeing so many options for embedding a YouTube video online so here is a list of common ways that you can use: (the right type of embedding depends upon the video type, displaying option, and the total minutes of the video you want to embed)

1. Gutenberg and YouTube video embedding:

This plugin is for those who have used the classic editors and now have updated to the Gutenberg editor. This editor is useful when working on the content blocks. Here are the steps:

  • Take your cursor to the “Add Block” icon and click on it
  • Now select the YouTube
  • Add your YouTube video URL
  • Click on the “embed” option

Tada! Your video is up, go check the content.

Now let us discuss a bit different approach especially used when customization is the goal:

  • Take your cursor to the “Add Block” icon and click on it
  • Search “Custom HTML” and press
  • Paste iFrame code in the HTML box
  • Tweak it if necessary

2. URL / Media file and embedding a YouTube video:

In this method following steps are followed:

  • Go to the dashboard menu and find media by clicking the “Add New” option. Here you are not embedding the video from some other website; instead, you are adding it to your website.
  • Now go to the page or the post where you want to add the video
  • Now on the “content block” option, on this page, just select the “video” you want to upload.
  • Next, just add the URL or upload the video directly
  • Now select “Media Library” by clicking on it and add or insert the video if the video is already added into the “media library”.
  • You can also use YouTube video URL to insert it into the WordPress site.

That’s about it.

3. Embedding your all-inclusive YouTube channel

This option is used by users who have their videos uploaded on the YouTube channel, and this is a major part of their business. Now you should be embedding a YouTube video link from your YouTube channel library to your WordPress website.

Just use the YouTube-Plugin and once the Your Channel or any other plugin is “installed and activated,” just put some tweaks from the settings. YouTube API and channel ID must be added here, along with your username. You can also configure the display.

After completing the configuration of “settings,” “copy and paste” the shortcode for WordPress and add it to the place where you want to display it.

4. Widget area and embedding a YouTube video:

There is a plugin for this. Just use the “YouTube Widget Responsive” plugin to add the YouTube video in the widget to be displayed. After installing it, set the routing towards “Appearance” and “Widgets”. Now place the widget anywhere you want the YouTube video to be played. Just enter the video URL before saving it.

This is it.

5.YouTube video gallery creation:

This is a great option for those who don’t want to embed their entire YouTube library in their websites. So they can just get a gallery widget for YouTube videos. Such plugins include:

  • YouTube Gallery
  • YotuWP
  • Video Gallery – YouTube Gallery

Now just install the “Video Gallery Plugin” that you have selected and configure it. For the configuration, there will be a tab called “Gallery Video” on the left. Next, add a layout after finalizing the title.

Now “Add Video” and enter the URL for your selected video.

This plugin is amazing in the way that you can add multiple videos at a time. Now after saving it, just copy and paste the shortcode anywhere on the site.

6. A popup video lightbox

A lightbox is also a great option for embedding a YouTube video which is used to direct the attention of the people to every video available on the site by using good effects. Now install WP Video Lightbox, “a WordPress Plugin”, and activate it.

Next, go to the settings on the left and select “Video Lightbox”. You are free to customize it to your liking.

There is also another option that is not exactly a plugin but a theme:


This plugin/theme doesn’t exactly focus on the videos but if you want to make a showcase of videos for your YouTube videos then this is a great option indeed.

8. WP YouTube Live

The title WP YouTube Live clearly indicates the plugin’s purpose. This plugin enables you to embed YouTube video live streams into your WordPress site.

You’ll need a Google API key to set up the plugin; after you have it, you’ll get shortcodes to paste into WordPress.

9. Smash Ballon YouTube Feed Pro:

Using a gallery style to showcase your media allows your visitors to keep scrolling through them. You may also choose the videos you want to see in the gallery; you can choose the films you want to see. Also modify features like the “share, comment, and like” buttons with this YouTube video plugin.

Ballon Smash YouTube Feed Pro not only doesn’t slow down your website, but it also allows you to broadcast live YouTube videos.

10.YouTube Subscribe Bar:

A simple subscription bar may be added just below the video player using the YouTube Subscribe Bar. Users will not be sent to YouTube when they click the subscribe button using this plugin; rather, they will keep watching the videos on your website.

11. WP YouTube Lyte:

The WP YouTube Lyte plugin allows you to slowly load your videos while also improving the performance of your website. YouTube only starts operating when your visitor clicks on the video thumbnail, slowing down your website.

When you have a video gallery, this is extremely useful. Instead of the entire gallery being always heavy and exhausting your website’s speed, you want YouTube to require more speed after the user has actually picked on a video.

3. How can a Reliable Hosting Company support your WordPress videos?

There is no doubt that video content is the most engaging and the most shared content across all online portals, including websites and social media. It has been known as a great way to teach the public, excite the viewers, and engage the followers.

You may have understood the whole embedding a youtube video process successfully with any luck. You have to make sure that your website is not slowed down due to the heavy video files. So be proactive, and get yourself a great hosting plan by well-reviewed providers like Host On Fox. Check our blogs for more information, and contact us for any query by commenting below.

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