How to Create Awesome Single Page Website

How to Create Awesome Single Page Website

How to Create Awesome Single page Website

The thing about Single page website is that these don’t always have to be like those websites that have tens of hundreds of pages to showcase. What the site owner has planned out. Instead, a Static Page website can work too.

Does it really?

If the website was created to communicate general information like facts and details and a few products or services offered by the company, then a Single page website will work like a charm, no problem!

In another scenario, if the website is about an eCommerce store which is basically about hundreds and thousands of products, then, in that case, a Single page website won’t be enough.

How to Create Awesome Single Page Website

So how is a Single page website good for the visitors?

  1. The website will load fast as it doesn’t have a lot of plugins or heavy data to slow it down.
  2. There is no need for navigation, or the menu tab as everything is to look at is right there on the first page. If it isn’t at the top, scroll down a little, and you will find it.
  3. A one-page website is also great in the mobile view version. The viewers will not have to zoom into the tiny menus, nor will they fumble with the “going back” issue.

So how is a Single page website good for “You”?

  1. It’s fast (both creating and loading wise)
  2. It’s easy (building and managing wise)

So there is no site structuring issue, no need to optimize the URLs for all the web pages, and no need to create the metadata for all website pages.

You also don’t have to update all the pages for the theme change.

  1. The sales funnel can be created effectively

There is no need to design the funnel pages as visitors won’t have to go and click through every step.

A one-page website is the best option since you’re searching for a quick method to have your project off the ground. There are hundreds of single-page WordPress themes that you can download, install, and personalize in minutes to create a professional-looking site.

Since creating a single-page site is so quick, you can always start with one, see how you and your customers enjoy it, and then convert it to a multipage site later if you find that format fits best for your company.

What does the Single page website comprise of?

Yes, it is a Single page website, and it is not much complicated comparatively. But also need to understand that important information has to be shared on the page for the customers. The information about the products or services, contact information, buying the products or services, consultation process including its booking, etc., must be shared on the page.

To be sure, we have made a checklist that includes all elements that your one-page website must include.

The 8 Elements Your Single Page Website Should include

  1. Name of the business or the company
  2. The products and/or services being offered.
  3. A section titled “About Us” explains the company introduction, what it offers, how the customers are given value, etc.
  4. Contact Information is always an important part of any web page because it helps the customers contact the company representative in case of ordering, queries, or just collecting information. You may also attach the social media profiles here, along with the call number and email address.
  5. Customer reviews and testimonials are always important. Reviews can be placed near the products or services, while testimonials are situated at the end of the page where the past customers share their views. This section is the backbone of your business as it proves your reliability and quality. The pictures and the customers’ names are usually visible here, increasing the effectiveness of their words.
  6. Call to Action: this is one of the most important sections on a web page. Make it in such a way that they will call you or contact you through a message leading to a purchase. You have to make this section a priority.
  7. Social media profiles should be linked in the contact section as described above. But a separate social media button for every social media platform you use should be kept up-to-date. A section should be kept for the social media post feed. This will encourage the trust factor. Never let be out of date. Make it fresh. If you think it is too much to handle, leave it be as no section is better than an outdated section.
  8. Pictures or images: logo, header picture, products, services, and background; all of these must include pictures and images of the respective part.

Some other Elements That Will Help in Making Your Single Page Website Better include

  1. Images of the single product: If your company is offering a single product to the customers, make sure that you include many pictures of it. This will help the customers in getting a better idea about the product.
  2. Portfolio images: making a portfolio through images will help too. You may be a website designer or a cake decorator; you may sell real estate or edit videos. Whatever you are offering, making a portfolio of your services or products can enhance your image and quality.
  3. A consultation or appointment tab: if you offer services like skin treatment, spa, salon, etc., you can add this consultation or appointment button to make it more professional and customer-oriented.
  4. Shopping Cart: A shopping cart is a must-have option if you are a seller of products.
  5. Navigation Links: you don’t have to be a multipage website. Even if you have a single-page website, you can still add a navigation option or a scroll bar to take you to the top or a specific location on the web page.

While you use WordPress, find a theme that you like on the first try. Use it and check the demo details or YouTube videos for any confusion regarding the theme. The free versions are great, and you can practice on those by customizing and editing as you please. The only thing left is to buy a hosting plan for your webpage. You can simply click on the Host On Fox web hosting provider with different plans. Select the one you think suits you.

For any queries, message us at any time.

Some one-page Websites are Previewed

A One-Page Website for Freelance Portfolios

When you’re a freelancer who wants to show off photographs of your work to potential customers, you already realize you need a portfolio site that keeps users’ interest in the images. You also understand the importance of having a fast-loading website so that viewers aren’t exhausted or annoyed and exit the website before you get to impress them with the value and inventiveness of your work.

How to Create Awesome Single Page Website


An eCommerce Single Page Website

Themeisle’s Hestia Modern Material Design Theme is hard to match if you want something that’s a little more plainly set out like a regular eCommerce site. Hestia is compatible with WooCommerce. It also integrates with Gutenberg to make page creation and modification a breeze.

How to Create Awesome Single Page Website

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