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How to choose WordPress theme

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

When you are ready to start creating by far the best website for your brand, for some, the most difficult thing to do is set up and choose a WordPress theme for the website, while for others choosing the domain name is the issue. Then some think that finding the right WordPress hosting plan, like the HostOnFox, is tough.

But let me tell you one underrated tough question; it is about the selection of 1 theme out of literally four thousand and three hundred themes out there on only Are you really going to check thousands of these WP themes, or will you just use the first theme you can get your eyes on?

How to choose WordPress theme

My Hunch Says it is Neither.

This is where we come in handy. We will not tell you which theme in WordPress is the right option for you but being the WordPress hosting experts, to say that ourselves, we can offer some important tips and tricks that will definitely guide you in making this important decision. Let us get started with the Dos and Don’ts for selecting the right WordPress theme for you right here:

  1. Do: Latest or up-to-date theme is the one
  2. Don’t: More than 6 months of not being updated is not the one
  3. Do: Theme that works well for your website’s goals
  4. Don’t: Using the theme made by an unknown source is not a good option

Now The Rest are all do’s:

  1. WP Theme that works well when the website opens on the mobile phones
  2. WP Theme that has positive reviews by the users
  3. WordPress theme that’s lightweight when used
  4. WP theme that’s built for SEO
  5. WordPress theme which is based on quality and not only the price

Do: Latest or up-to-date theme is the one:

Our most important piece of advice has nothing to do with design or font; it’s about functionality and security. For 3 very valid reasons, the theme you pick must operate with its most recent version of WordPress:

  • If your theme isn’t entirely compatible with the new WordPress version, your site’s functionality may not work as intended.
  • Suppose you pick a theme that doesn’t support new WordPress versions, you may opt to stop upgrading WordPress, which can lead to security vulnerabilities, resulting in breakdowns, security breaches, site defacement, and other undesirable outcomes.
  • If your site’s plugins require the most recent version of WordPress, but you can’t upgrade because of your theme, your site’s operational issues will worsen.

The solution is straightforward: Always, always, go for the themes that support the latest updates of WordPress versions. See below for example:

This is a theme detailing box showing which versions are being supported by this theme.

Don’t: More than 6 months of not being updated is not the one

In a similar spirit to Tip 1, ensure that the themes you’re considering have been updated in the last several months. In the infobox, look for the “Last updated” line.

A theme that operates with the newest release of WordPress but hasn’t been updated in over a year may not receive any further updates, which means it may eventually stop working with the most recent version of WordPress.

Do: Theme that works well for your website’s goals

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the dark abyss of looking at hundreds of Themes.

But this may lead to you becoming emotionally tied to a theme that looks great but doesn’t achieve what you want with it.

Keep your focus by utilizing’s filters to limit down the theme options shown in the picture on the left.

Don’t panic; you’ll still have plenty of options under your genre. Perhaps there are still too many. So…

Don’t: Using the theme made by an unknown source is not a good option

When selecting a theme, reviews and publisher’s information should be considered important. If the theme you want is from an unknown source then you probably let it be. You will still find plenty of good options i.e. themes that are published by reliable publishers. You will see such themes mentioned under the publishing rights of a person who may also have mentioned it on his or her own website and on

Just focus on these themes and definitely check the reviews to be surer. Sure of what? Sure that the theme is free from any malware etc.

The remaining “Dos”:

WP Theme that works well when the website opens on the mobile phones:

Commonly, all the themes are screen customized, i.e., responsive. If you open the website on a big screen like a laptop, the display is different. If you open it on a small screen like a mobile phone, the display is different. It helps the viewers to see the theme on any screen without losing its display.

From where can you see it?

Go to the homepage, from, of the theme and then select the “Live Demo Option”.

When the viewer is using a mobile phone, the website theme allows you to view the mobile version. You can even check the mobile version on your laptop screen by going to the tools menu of your browser. Here you can find the “responsive design mode.”

You may use your smartphone to install a free trial version & examine it in WordPress. (If you don’t have it already, download the WordPress application).

You may ask why there is always the mention of mobile phones, and the answer is this: the majority of the traffic on the website comes from users who are using a smartphone. According to Statista, the total percentage of people using mobile phones to visit websites was 54.8% in just 3 months of the last year, 2021.

But it doesn’t mean that you do not have to worry about the remaining 45.2% of the desktop users as the use of large screens may also increase over the years to come.

WP Theme that has Positive reviews by the Users

Now that you have a few good, theme-wise, options that match your website niche and look great? This is great news. Now you should look for the reviews page for that theme on The reviews are mostly available below the information box on the page, like shown in this picture on the right.

From here, select the “See All” button. Next, check the reviews as per your liking, I mean that you can search few keywords that you are interested in and then select individual reviews.

You can see the reviews and look at the “support threads, active topics, and unresolved topics,” and so on. This way, you will be able to check the publisher’s responsibility.

WordPress theme that’s lightweight when used

By the word “lightweight,” the idea is the theme in question is using minimum resources to make fast loading of the webpage possible. In this regard, “Astra” is the most famous WordPress theme that can load within 400 milliseconds. Cool!

WordPress Theme that’s Built for SEO

Using an SEO-friendly theme can help you save time on backstage site optimization and faster rank in search results.

How would you tell whether a theme is SEO-friendly? Frequently, theme creators will emphasize SEO elements such as a URL structure that is easy for search crawlers to crawl, quick load speeds, as well as a mobile-friendly layout.

WordPress theme which is based on quality and not only the Price

Although by now, you should understand how the theme world works in You have options that may be paid or free. A completely free theme works for those whose budget is tight at the moment.

But, using a paid theme will allow you to access some features that are not available otherwise.

As you make your selection, consider your long-term website goals, your degree of WordPress expertise, and the worth of your time.

Are you ready to create a new WordPress site or migrate the one you are already using? Try out our WordPress Hosting options from HostOnFox.

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