How to Build a Magazine Website | Step By Step Guide

How to Build a Magazine Website

How to Build a Magazine Website

Are you someone who has decided, finally, to start a website dedicated to your online magazine? If the answer is yes, then congratulations but also our sympathies.

Just kidding!

The thing is that the magazine website is a big commitment and a greater responsibility when you first consider it. And this is not a lie, as the world has become digital, so keeping the good and engaging content coming on a regular basis is hard. Now think about magazine content, and it becomes even more complex.

Creating material, keeping it up to a steady level, and publishing it on a regular schedule is still a difficult undertaking.

Thankfully, we can eliminate one challenging duty from the equation: ensuring that the website is updated. It’s simpler than ever to create a magazine website as long as you have the necessary tools and expertise.

How to Build a Magazine Website In WordPress

1st Step: Selecting the right WordPress Theme

2nd Step: Building the magazine website and Installing WordPress on It

3rd Step: Sprucing Things Up by using the WordPress Plugins

4th Step: Creating Valuable Editorial Content

Let’s discuss below:

1st Step: Selecting the right WordPress Theme:

Okay, so we are not the kind of people who continuously tell others why WordPress is great, and everyone MUST use it. But, well, you should definitely use WordPress.


More than 60 percent of content management systems and website owners use WordPress.

WordPress is much simpler. (See our article explaining this.)

WordPress is easy too, comparatively.

It has more than enough power to run your digital publication.

Of course, there isn’t just one WordPress version. When you have a more extensive selection of themes to pick from, you’ll see that WordPress may mean various things to different individuals. You’ll want to select from a variety of online magazine themes.

WordPress provides a lot of free themes, but you may also look at sites like “ThemeForest” and “TemplateMonster” for premium, paid themes that could fit your magazine better.

What criteria do you use to make your decision? Here are a few crucial factors to think about:

  • Stories that are “featured”: Many magazine themes allow you to showcase major articles, with ample space above the fold devoted to eye-catching imagery. To pick the correct theme, think about how you’ll fill this area and whether a more traditional theme focusing on written material is ideal.
  • Color variations are available. Customizing the colors of a free theme to fit your logo or identity might be tough. Because WordPress is open-source, you may customize it however you want, although this generally entails tinkering with the underlying CSS code.
  • MemberPress, a WordPress plugin, lets you set up accounts with recurring membership payments. In essence, you may utilize your WordPress theme to mimic a print publication, right down to how customers pay for your content.

2nd Step: Building the magazine website and installing WordPress on it

Once you have finalized the type of theme that suits your magazine niche and style, it is time to install WordPress and finally start building your own magazine website.

Host On Fox is one web hosting site that helps you on this journey, i.e., installing WordPress and so on.

This implies that you can easily go from having no webpage to possessing the magazine website of your dreams, up and working in a matter of hours. It might even take only a few minutes.

To get an idea of what’s involved, read up on our article on installing WordPress and selecting the themes as well.

3rd Step: Sprucing Things Up by using the WordPress Plugins

You can totally modify your magazine website and add all kinds of magazine features with only a few clicks, courtesy of WordPress plugins.

What’s the secret? The secret is recognizing where to search for information.

So we’ve compiled a collection of the best magazine WordPress plugins for you:

  • IssueM: This freebie plugin aids in the organization of your material into “problems.” In summary, WordPress will begin to behave and feel more like a traditional magazine than just a weblog. Even though some magazine websites publish articles every month, IssueM is the best plugin for distributing fresh material in chunks.
  • This is a modern news ticker. What if you were the editor of a news publication? Creating new material on demand can be challenging, especially in today’s hectic 24-hour news cycle. The Modern News Ticker allows you to automatically publish the most current headlines, giving your magazine a “new” sense even if it hasn’t been updated in a while.
  • A three-dimensional flipbook. You’re gazing at the WordPress admin panel, unsure how to make your magazine appear as amazing as the “flipbook” designs you’ve seen on other websites. All of this may be resolved with the use of a plugin like 3D Flipbook. This free plugin is useful for various online goods, including books, brochures, and cards, but it is especially useful for those who make digital magazines.
  • WP Magazine Modules Lite is a lightweight version of WP Magazine Modules. WP Magazine Modules Lite is a free plugin that allows you to create an attractive magazine layout. Post blocks, tickers, timelines, and banners are examples of magazine-specific blocks. There’s also a “Post Carousel” function, which allows you to emphasize different content during the publication of your most current issue.

Important point:

These plugins are great, and WordPress has given us an amazing treat with them, as you can do almost anything concerning your website. You don’t even have to change the website infrastructure, as these plugins are enough to do it without any change. If there is any mistake or error, removing the plugin and reinstalling it will do the trick.

However, installing WordPress plugins is a delight for the most part.

4th Step: Creating Valuable Editorial Content

It’s easy to look at the three stages above and say, “That’s all there is to it.”

After all, creating a digital magazine platform from the ground up is a significant feat. However, a website is simply one way to attract attention. If you want to draw attention to your content, consider what visitors get when visiting your site.

What are the desires of people in your niche? Is it a Q&A session? Do you include interviews with celebrities? Do you have any investigative reports? Opinion pieces, perhaps? Depending on your field, it might be any of the above—or a combination of them. The trick is to create a magazine that appeals to your unique target audience.

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Because of the nature of the website you are making, you should know that a magazine website is almost always about valuable content. The valuable content should be engaging and unique at the same time.

The ideas are great, and the planning is amazing, but you cannot perform any of these steps without a platform.

So, go and buy the HostOnFox WordPress hosting plan of your choice and start building the online magazine that you can use to succeed.


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