Hostonfox vs Hosterpk | which is best hosting of 2022

Hostonfox vs hosterpk

Hostonfox vs Hosterpk comparison will help you choose between the two web hosting companies based on pricing, features, service, and user reviews. Despite the fact that Hostonfox is an ancient firm with over years of experience. Before you make a decision, read the facts.

It is critical to choose the best web hosting business for your online success. A competent website hosting firm should be able to keep your business online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and give effective and timely service. Your website and email should also be fast. This is when Hostonfox comes in handy!

Top Features of Hostonfox vs Hosterpk:

24/7 SupportYESYES
Customer Rating9/107/10
Money back Guarantee1 YEAR60 days
Free Trial1 month7 Days
Free MigrationYesNO

Plans and Pricing Hostonfox vs Hosterpk :

Plans NamesHost On FoxHosterpk

Customers Rating Hostonfox vs Hosterpk 

User Friendly9.9/107/10

Hostonfox cloud web hosting is one of Pakistan’s best feature-free web hosting provider

Hostonfox is one of the most well-known names in the hosting industry. We are delighted to offer all of our potential customers in Pakistan 100 percent free web hosting without any advertisements. Simply register here for free website hosting with unlimited bandwidth and 99.9% uptime.

Choosing your host might be a very difficult decision to make. You hop from one platform to the next, trying to find the ideal brand. You have a limited budget, but you want your site to outperform on all major platforms. So, how is it that this is possible? Either you have to spend a lot of time hunting or you have to invest a lot of money. Here’s a quick rundown of the services and features provided by the two companies. Choose the one that you believe is the greatest fit for your site’s needs and requirements after seeing the thorough comparison.

Service Features

Both Hostonfox and hosterpk have extremely low prices for their hosting options. The following are the pricing plans offered by these brands:

Host On Fox Features and Plans




Hosterpk Features and Plans

hosterpk vs hostonfox

Both brands hosterpk vs hostonfox provide nearly identical costs, however, there is a significant difference in the variety of service options offered in each of these plans.


In its most basic hosting plan, Host on fox offers around 300 GB of bandwidth. Such a large amount of bandwidth may easily load a large website or entertain a large number of people. No matter how large your onsite catalog is, you will never face downtime or system failure.’s basic plan comes with 25 GB of storage, which is only 8% less than Hostonfox. With such limited bandwidth, site owners, whether large or little, would undoubtedly encounter several challenges and poor service performance.

Similarly, the remaining two hosts on fox hosting plans offer 500 to 1000 GB of bandwidth, whereas hosterpk offers 50 and 75 GB.

Disk Space

The availability of disc space is the second most significant element to look for in a web-hosting service. You should have enough disc space in your plan to allow site users to freely store their credentials and a large amount of data. Which one should you plan to rely on if you operate an e-commerce store? You will have collection and customer information to save if you manage an e-commerce store, so which one should you prepare to rely on?

Hostonfox basic plan costs $29.9 per year and includes 10GB of cloud storage of disc space, while the other two plans cost 100GB and limitless disc space, respectively.

In contrast, hosterpk basic (Budget 1) plan includes 100 MB of disc space. With such a small quantity of hard space, handling customer credentials and storing data on the site will undoubtedly be difficult.

Policy for Customer Satisfaction

At this time, achieving 100 percent customer happiness is the primary goal of businesses. Because there are so many risks and privacy-invading activities out there, every consumer wants to be confident in the service’s reliability and the company’s authenticity. Let’s see which one has it as a clause in their features.

Customers of Host on fox are covered by a 100% money-back guarantee. Each of its hosting plans specifies that if you are dissatisfied, you can request a refund at any time. Furthermore, Hostonfox provides a free 30-day trial to provide the valued consumer with a thorough understanding of their services.

There is no such clause in any of the plans offered by hosterpk. To use their services, you must have complete faith in them.


Based on the comparison between these two well-known hosting firms indicated above, it appears that Hostonfox has far more profitable and modern services to offer its clients than hosterpk. With only a slight increase in price, you may enjoy an extraordinary level of professionalism as well as a considerably more secure selection of services. Infuse your firm with maximum bandwidth and infinite web space for optimal development and prosperity.

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