Can I get cheap domain extensions in Pakistan?

can i get cheap domain extensions in Pakistan

Can I get cheap domain extensions in Pakistan?

The answer to the above question is yes, but that leads to another question: Should you go for the Cheap Domain extensions in Pakistan?

Well, let’s start with a little introduction.

What is a Domain?

A domain is what a domain registrar offers to its customers. A domain is part of the URL of any website’s address.

Suppose you are a professional photographer and want to set up your own website, which will act as a portfolio and your pitch to any prospective clients.

Now, if you want your website’s name to be The Passionate Photographer, then the URL will become www.passionatephotographer, and it will end with a domain that can be .com, .org, .pk, and so on. There are the domains that make your website’s URL complete.

Why should you buy domains?

As we have been telling in our blogs time and again about how technology is changing, evolving, and making the world a better place to live in. Since the pandemic of 2020, people all around the world have shifted their concentration on making use of digitalization for the better.

Whether you are a freelancer, web developer, eCommerce store, retailer, shopping mall admin, etc., having a website with fast hosting and a good domain will take you to better places.

Cheap Domain extensions in Pakistan are available, but the 1st domain you want to buy will most likely be already in use or taken most of the time. You might have to search to find the right one that is not already in use.

Why are most domains already taken?

People have been entering the digitalization world for some time now. This means that the ones entering this evolution are latecomers, and the first movers have already taken many good domains for creative business names. This is what first-mover advantage is all about.

This is just like when you are creating a new email address, and you cannot create it with just your name as there are many more people out with the same initials or names similar to you.

But worry not, there are still some domain registrars that offer cheaper rates for domains that you can use with little tweaks of your ideas for the website name.

To know more about the domain names that work better than others, you can check our blog.

Cheap Domains in Pakistan

Let’s start with the most renowned one that many customers trusts.

  1. com sells many different services, but the focus here and what it is famous for is the domains it sells. Please note that the following prices are the registration prices that do not equal renewal prices. These are paid per annum.

Domains                              Prices (USD)                       Price (PKR) (as per today’s exchange rate)

.com                                      $9.99                                     Rs.1979

.net                                        12.99                                     2574

.org                                        8.99                                        1781

.co                                          6.99                                        1385

You can also look for its affiliate links through which you can get a discount on the domain prices that may go up to 25%. offers cheap domains, including the “classic TLDs” also known as “Top Level Domains” and “gTLD” or the “Generic Top Level Domains” like .edu, .gov, or and more, country domains like .uk, .pk and other “extensions” as well.

The standard pricing strategy seems to be simple. The more used the domain, the more costly it becomes. It also somewhat relates to how much the customers and other stakeholders can trust the domain.

Some of the domains that are less used can be even cheaper. For example, .space is priced at $2.99 or Rs. 592 only. But that is a domain extension that usually is not trusted by the people.

  1. com

Bluehost is another well-known name in the market. People trust it. One1 thing to understand is that BlueHost is more focused on the sales of hosting rather than domain, but it does offer some good domain options as well. So when you want to create a website, it will be good for you to buy a domain and a hosting at the same time.

One good thing is that when you purchase the domain with the hosting, you may get the option of not having to pay for your first domain. This is because you will have the chance to get 1st domain for one year free of cost if you purchase the hosting plan for one year.

Alternatively, you can get the domain on a monthly payment plan starting with only $2.75 or Rs.545.

The prices for some domains include:

Domains                              Prices (USD)                       Price (PKR) (as per today’s exchange rate)

.com                                      $12.99                                   Rs.2574

.net                                        14.99                                     2970

.org                                        9.99                                        1979

.co                                          14.99                                     2970

You can see that these domains are more costly than

And one other con is that their renewal costs are high for some domains. For example, the renewal cost for .store is $34.99.

So on one side, you get to have a free domain with different hosting plans, but on the other hand, the renewable fees are high.

  1. com

So the name of this domain registrar says it all. This is a great domain registrar, mainly because you don’t only get to buy a domain at cheap rates, but if some poor fellow forgot to renew their domain by paying the renewal fee, can help you transfer that domain name to you. Unlucky for that person but lucky for you.

After discussing all the above, you should keep in mind that  is a reseller and not like other registrars of the domains.

So it is not a surprise that prices for the domains vary a lot. The domain name and its popularity will be the variables affecting the final price of the domain.

So there is not a set value for buying from here, and some even domains are sold for even a four figure amount in United States Dollar currency.

For example:

  • was sold for $2,288 on Jun 06, 2022.
  • was sold for $3,988 on the same day.
  • was sold for $4,48 again on the same day as mentioned above.

We were referring to this when we said that is a reseller and different from other domain sellers in the market.

Now let me provide you with 2 top of the list domain and hosting providers with affordable and Cheap Domain extensions in Pakistan when grouped with hosting.

Both offer cloud hosting with free domains, so you can consider it one of the Cheap Domain extensions in Pakistan option.

To understand cloud hosting and other types of hosting servers, kindly check our HostOnFox blog.

First is Hostinger, and then there is HostOnFox.

Both are good options, but to help you decide, we have the following brief comparison:

Pack Hostinger HostOnFox
Starter $9.99 per month $2.5  per month
The number of websites you can host 300 2
Free domain registration Yes Yes
SSL certificates Free Free
Daily Backups Yes Yes (Twice per day)
99.9% Uptime Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes
Standard / Professional $14.99 per month $4.94  per month
The number of websites you can host 300 10
Free domain registration Yes Yes
SSL certificates Free Free
Daily Backups Yes Yes (Twice per day)
99.9% Uptime Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes
Business $29.99 per month $7.49  per month
The number of websites you can host 300 Unlimited
Free domain registration Yes Yes
SSL certificates Free Free
Daily Backups Yes Yes (Twice per day)
99.9% Uptime Yes Yes
24/7 Support Yes Yes


Now, if you see this table, a straightforward comparison shows that for cheap domain extensions in Pakistan, HostOnFox is the One & Only choice. That is if you are looking for Cheap Domain extensions in Pakistan.

Registering a domain with an extension of your choice is simple and can be done at low costs through domain name registrars like us, Choosing a domain name and finding a reliable web hosting company has never been more accessible and easy.

For more questions, you can visit our blogs or contact us through the website.

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