About Host On Fox

One of the Best Cloud Hosting Providers having Servers in New York


100% SSD Storage


Advance Security


Best SSL Certificate


80+ One Click Software

New York Headquarters

We’re located in New York in a picturesque location surrounded by acres of woodland. Our newly-refurbished office is powered by solar energy, making it eco-friendly and self-sufficient.  Perfect for speedy access and geared to meet data residency requirements.

Best technology

To give all users the best-possible technologies: our unique autoscaling tech on the shared platform is available to all, regardless of the package type they choose.

Always evolving

To always innovate: companies that rest on their reputation of their brand instead of continually improving are doomed to fail.

Best hardware

To use the best hardware: we don’t cut corners and hope that our customers won’t notice. That’s why we use 100% SSD and trusted, proven, premium hardware.

No Scary Hidden Extras

Simple payment procedure. We won’t try to charge extra for SSL certificates, transfers away, backups or any other annoying stealth increases.

Full Automated

We make the most of the latest advancements in centralised management, deployment and monitoring. Doing so allows us to create a perfect hosting environment which also keeps costs to a minimum.

No Sales Commission

We don't have pushy sales staff. If all you need is our lowest $5.99 hosting plan, then that is what you shall get.

Keep it simple

To keep things simple: a commitment to make elegant, powerful and accessible user interfaces for all of our products.

Security first

To keep you safe online: all our packages include security features unique to our hosting, and which many companies expect you to pay extra for.

Staying independent

To stay independent: we’re committed that 20i will stay an independent company for the long term. Migrate to 20i today and it will be the last time you will need to move.

Global Locations

Servers based in New York. Perfect for speedy access and geared to meet data residency requirements. You will get best website performence.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Support

Whatever problem arises, large or small, Hostonfox’s expert customer support team will be on hand to keep our customers happy. We get a kick out of helping your business and individual needs. It’s what we do and we do it well very well.

24/7 Live Chat & Phone Support

Talk to us any time if you have questions or would like advice in regards to your hosting package.

Meet Our Experts

Host On Fox is fast growing company in the era of hosting provider.


Hosting Expert


Hosting Team Leader


Maintenance Engineer


Hosting Expert


Hosting Expert


Technical Support Director