8 signs that it’s time to Upgrade your Hosting Plan

Time to upgrade your hosting plan

8 Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan

All good at your hosting plan side? Is it doing whatever it is supposed to? But here we are going to discuss a few, eight to be exact, signs that will let you know that it is time to upgrade your hosting plan.

Let us get on with the 8 mysterious, not really though, “telltale signs” that you need a level up trading right now:

  1. The website is facing speed issues. It means that it is slowing down
  2. The website is dull and boring and needs optimization. It means that new images and videos are missing
  3. The website is not equipped for a traffic surge. It means that a metered bandwidth plan can be effective. Maybe.
  4. Is it not a traffic surge? Your business is actually blooming.
  5. The website is not equipped to face the digital demons. So new security features that come with the upgrade are needed to make it work.
  6. The website is ready for experimenting. So a sandbox or demo is something you should be looking for.
  7. Your website is not alone. You are managing a lot of websites for a lot of clients, so it probably will become hectic.
  8. The holiday is coming! The holiday is here.

Let us reveal these indicators now:

1.   The website is facing speed issues (slowing down)

Sites that load slowly are aggravating. If your website doesn’t load in a few seconds, viewers are most inclined to leave. In addition, if your website takes a long time to load, search engines will rank it lower in search results.

As a result, fewer individuals will be able to view what your website has to offer. Suppose you’ve previously reviewed and optimized your basic web vitals. In that case, you might need to upgrade to a new hosting plan with quicker server reaction times or a content delivery network to boost your site’s performance.

2.   The website is dull and boring and needs optimization (new images and videos are missing)

Everyone usually enjoys visuals, photographs, and movies, and they all need them to load as soon as possible. While using lazy load, compression, and correct formatting to optimize your media content will help your website load faster, you may eventually get more content than your current hosting package can manage.

If this is your situation, upgrading from a “shared hosting to a cloud hosting” package that offers better speed may be worth upgrading.

3.   The website is not equipped for a traffic surge (a metered bandwidth plan, maybe?)

Is your business ready for product diversification or a market expansion?

Are you allowing new subscriptions and memberships for your current and new customers?

Do you have a marketing campaign in the pipeline that you’re confident will be a success?

Make sure your website is prepared to handle more traffic than normal. The last thing you want prospective buyers, members, and social media followers to see is an error page on the site that takes more than a few seconds to load.

Check to see if your site has adequate bandwidth to handle the extra traffic and if that bandwidth is limited before your major drop. A metered-bandwidth plan that ramps up in real-time—or a plan with greater bandwidth—might be what you really want if you’re anticipating a brief spike in traffic.

4.   Is it not a traffic surge? Your business is actually blooming

What if you anticipate a steady rise in visitor numbers rather than a traffic spike? In that situation, rather than relying on your hosting plan provider, like HostOnFox, to scale you up as needed, it is definitely more cost-effective and technically sound to upgrade to a plan with additional resources now.

A dedicated server package with unmetered disc space and bandwidth may be ideal if you’re developing quickly, have a devoted webmaster, and have the funds. DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) protection, a selection of storage devices, and firewalls are included in these options. They also provide you total power over how your server resources are distributed. You may choose between professionally managed hosting and semi-managed hosting for an even more DIY strategy.

5.   The website is not equipped to face the digital demons (new security features that come with the upgrade are needed)

Security is important regardless of whether you run a modest one-product online company, a showcase website, or a basic webpage for your hometown business. While your website may not appear to be a great subject for malicious activity, the truth is that there are a lot of evil bots out there seeking to cause havoc.

If your website is currently hosted on a basic hosting plan, upgrading to “managed hosting” may be worthwhile. Managed WordPress hosting, for instance, keeps track of recognized WordPress flaws as soon as they’re found. This type of subscription also backs up clients’ websites automatically so that they may be recovered in the event of a server catastrophe or virus attack. “Managed WordPress plans” even includes malware checks and malware eradication, if any, is discovered on your site to prevent problems from arising in the first place.

6.   The website is ready for experimenting (a sandbox or demo is something you are looking for)

You could use a workstation with just great tools to try something new out and just enough customization options to accomplish what you choose to when you’re experimenting with new ideas, specifically for your customers’ websites. A virtual private server (VPS) plan is great for creating a sandbox environment where you can test new ideas before implementing any modifications to your clients’ webpage.

A VPS can also be useful if you need a location to build up demo sites for your clients, especially if you only have a few simple sites to demo. A reseller plan may be necessary if you have many websites, especially if they are resource-intensive and include a lot of material. When it comes to reseller programs…

7.   Your website is not alone (you are managing a lot of websites for a lot of clients)

When you’re a new web designer or developer, you may have begun by adding your customers’ domains to the shared hosting account. That could work for a while until it doesn’t.

If you manage numerous customers’ domains from a single cPanel, you should consider upgrading your hosting package for a few factors:

  • A reseller plan improves the security of both your and your customers’ websites. Each of your customers may get their own cPanel on a reseller package. That means the only domains they can reach when they log in to implement modifications are their own.
  • You may more accurately arrange server resources. You get to determine the amount of bandwidth and disc space each customer may utilize on a reseller account. This helps you to fine-tune what you give your consumers while also allowing you to charge your services appropriately.
  • When you’re on a reseller plan, and one of your customers reaches their bandwidth limit, just their website will be affected. If your customers are all on the same shared cPanel, a single client’s excessive resource utilization might harm them all.

8.   The holiday is coming! (The holiday is COMING)

Annually, retailers spend a lot of time and effort preparing offers and purchasing products to attract Christmas customers. Then a handful of them faces significant site delays or crashes when the customers arrive.

Site disruptions over the festive season are inconvenient for consumers and costly for companies. In most circumstances, they may also be avoided.

Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday might be a stress test for your site and hosting plan, it’s good to start planning early to ensure you pass.

Now let me give you a few questions to ponder. If you answer NO to all the following questions afterward, it is definitely time to upgrade your hosting plan before the festivity season arrives. It is for your own good, really.

  • Are your website pages loading quickly on mobile devices, even with high-resolution photos and videos?
  • Does your hosting package enable you to swiftly scale up your capacity in the event of a spike in site traffic?
  • Are your client base and social media following greater now than before last year’s Christmas season?
  • Has your web hosting company been able to keep your site up and running for a long time now? Was there any outage, and if so, was it resolved quickly?
  • Can your hosting package provide web security to protect your website from dangerous malware and swindlers?

Have you understood the process and the need to upgrade your website’s hosting plan? Do you see the signs? Are you ready to upgrade then? Visit us at our, HostOnFox, website and get a comparison of our hosting plans for yourself. Select what seems right for you and your business.


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