6 Ways You Can Use YouTube to Drive Website Traffic

use youtube to drive website traffic

6 Ways You Can Use YouTube to Drive Website Traffic

Website traffic means the number of visitors your website gets on a single day. The higher the number of visitors, the greater the increase in website traffic and the better the estimated website performance. These visits or sessions are how the effectiveness of the business is measured. This is because more visits mean that the company’s employees are doing something right, which is attracting more and more people.

Website creation without coding is a new trend that has taken off, and it has already celebrated several birthdays. To make the idea clearer, let’s talk about the facts and numbers.

According to Siteefy, nearly 175 new websites are launched per minute. Using simple mathematical formulas, this equates to about 252,000 new websites created in a single day worldwide.

So, once you have decided to create the website created through a Website Builder or WordPress, you realize that millions of websites are already available online in the same niche. Now, the target is to see an increase in website traffic.

The most challenging aspect of having a profitable website is ensuring that people find it. Any website owner faces the problem of increasing website traffic. It’s not just you, believe it or not.

Whatever website you have, you’ll need to employ a combination of digital marketing techniques if you want people to search for it. Many individuals neglect YouTube as a tool for advertising their websites. And this is where they are way off base and going wrong about it.

What makes YouTube so special for attaining an increase in website traffic?

The most challenging aspect of having a profitable website is ensuring that people find it. Any website owner faces the problem of increasing website traffic. It’s not just you, believe it or not.

Whatever type of website you have, you’ll need to employ a combination of digital marketing techniques if you want people to search for it. Many individuals neglect YouTube as a tool for advertising their websites.

But, here is one other fact:

YouTube is the 2nd most used online platform where videos are shared after the number 1, i.e., Google.

And yet:

Facebook tops the social media platform used for digital marketing.

So the issue is clear, there is a more significant gap where the businesses can look into and increase their website traffic by using YouTube videos.

Another fact:

Almost 74 percent of marketers agree that videos are the tool that can generate leads for any business.


Writing blogs is a faster and a secure way to avoid some big problems


Using videos to attract traffic towards written blogs and copy makes it a dangerously amazing combo.

  1. The 2nd most popular website in the world is YouTube
  2. 69% of people prefer videos explaining the same things that a well-written blog does. It means that videos are preferred over written blogs by the majority.
  3. More than 80% of businesses claim to have increased website traffic after using video marketing. This means that video marketing is a great strategy to have.
  4. Apart from being a part of a good marketing strategy, YouTube is also an approach to generating a decent cash inflow.

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world when it comes to video sharing and video content creation:

More businesses have been seen to try hard to reach the Google search results for their marketing efforts. This is, without a doubt, a great approach, as it’s the number 1 website used globally. But now, here is the opportunity, YouTube is the second most used website globally for a whole different reason. Being creative is part of YouTube’s marketing plan. And the target market extends to over 2 billion active users every month.

Video is more attractive than words which increase website traffic

Yes, some people love reading. They love the power of words that can make you imagine a scenario, make you angry, smile, etc. But research data tells that the number of such people is lower than the number of users who like learning from a video.

One option is getting a 5-page article on a product or service. Then 5-pages explained in a 2 min video is another option. And the data by Wyzowl shows that 69% of the target persons will prefer the video over the text. It also shows that for learning about a product or service, 18 percent prefer text.

If you’re only providing written content right now, you might be missing out on all of your potential audience members who prefer video. The best part is that you will not have to rebuild from zero if you’re currently working in content marketing. You may turn your existing blog entries into YouTube videos to generate a whole new set of marketing tools.

Video Marketing is a true gem to increase website traffic 

The study by Wyzowl also found that almost 86 percent of the businesses saw an increase in their website traffic after they started including video marketing in their short and long-term marketing plans.

To gain results with any approach, you must execute it flawlessly. On the other hand, using the video medium might be an efficient way to attract new followers. These followers will love what you have to say and return to your website.

YouTube can be your passive income source equal to an additional source of revenue

YouTube isn’t simply a great way to get people to visit your website. If your channel gets popular, it might become a new money stream. However, while generating money on YouTube might be a viable business strategy for some people and companies, please remember that the community you create there is made on “borrowed land.” Marketers commonly use this word to indicate a channel you don’t own, implying that the site owner’s business decisions might jeopardize your firm’s success.

The audience you created on YouTube might be jeopardized if YouTube changes its algorithm or bans certain types of companies. You can’t just start a YouTube channel and hope for the best. You’ll need a solid plan for using YouTube to drive traffic to your website if you want it to be effective.

6 TIPS for when you start using YouTube to increase your Website Traffic

However, irrespective of how YouTube works for your website, if you want those visitors to stay or continue coming back to your website or the subscription email list, you will be able to hold their attention one way or another.

Let’s talk about how this can be achieved:

  • Check to see if your YouTube channel and videos are optimized.

Even if your videos are incredible, no one will notice until they can discover these. Make sure your YouTube channel and each video you upload is optimized for optimum visibility. This entails conducting keyword research to determine what phrases your target audience searches for. The auto-fill option on YouTube might help you locate relevant terms.

Use your keywords naturally in places where they sound right, such as the title, synopsis, and tags for your movie. Make appealing thumbnails that clearly state what your film is about so that more people will click on it. Also, invest in subtitles and a transcript, which is beneficial for both accessibility and discoverability.

  • Make use of the “About” section on your website to promote the website

You may utilize the “About” section of your YouTube channel to give visitors additional information about the company. Use this part to provide a quick overview of who you are, where you are from, and whether they should engage. Also, add a website address. This website link can be included in the description text and the Links section underneath it.

  • In each video description, provide a link to your website.

Each video you upload gets its own description section, extra to the description box for your webpage. All of these should have a simple description of the video that describes why viewers should watch it and your video’s target keyword. However, this is another chance to encourage them to visit your website.

It may be appropriate to provide a link to your website in some videos. However, if you post the URL of a different webpage for your website instead of the homepage that you did previously, you’ll frequently get better results.

Suppose you are making a video about managing a budget for small businesses. Now you add a free template for the budget to your website and place the link on the YouTube video description. This linking to the landing page will definitely bring in more traffic and clicks.

  • Call to Action (CTA) in the videos

The video itself is another good opportunity to direct people back to your website. You may insert a call to action in the video scripts that direct viewers to your website (e.g., “to know more, visit www.website.com!”). Furthermore, YouTube cards, a technology that allows you to embed links that you can click within a video, may be used to put a link straight in the video.

At the conclusion of each video you make, provide a card with a link to your website. Consider whether there are any possibilities for viewers to connect back to your website, either to the product detail webpage of a product you described or to information from which they can read more inside each video.

  • Channel Art Section on YouTube lets you add your website link

You may also include an URL in the channel art area of your page on YouTube. Seize the opportunity to add your website to yet another location on YouTube, making it easy to locate for any interested visitor.

  • In the comments, look for appropriate chances to connect with your website

Being an active participant in the comments area is one of the greatest methods to enhance engagement with your videos. Pop in and respond to comments or queries regarding your video when they come in. While you want your comments to be helpful rather than promotional, a commenter’s query can be better answered with information you’ve previously published on your site; add that link. Suggesting relevant website material to visitors is a smart method to bring back your most engaged visitors.

YouTube can work for your website; make it!

It may require more than just a couple of days to create a YouTube channel and have many followers. Creativity is the key, while time and work input is essential. The strategic approach is crucial. Making the video content requires more than just taking a video on your camera; it needs a script and creative touch. Then it will become part of a good promotion strategy. In other words, it will be the tool that adds value to your website traffic.

If you already have a YouTube page with many followers, then it is the right time to start expanding and creating a website for yourself or a new business. HostOnFox provides excellent hosting plans for people with different budgets and people who are experimenting with the website idea at the moment. For more details, check the HostOnFox homepage.

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