5 Best Plugins For Restaurant website

best plugins for restaurant websites

5 Best Plugins For Restaurant Websites

Service providers like hotels, restaurants, or universities, need a website. But the requirement is not just for a website, instead, the need is to have a website that is running, well designed, and updated with all relevant plug-ins and extensions. Here we will discuss the Plugins For Restaurant Websites.

The reason is simple: this website is the first-ever interaction that happens between the business and potential customers. In short, your end game will be to make the person take interest in your website with the help of a beautiful design, UX, UI, or plug-ins used.

By using the right plug-ins, you will be able to add a number of unique functionalities in way less time than with any other option. For a restaurant, this article will try to share a few details about plugins below:

  1. Restaurant Menu
  2. Store Hours Manager for Woo Commerce
  3. Easy Notification Bar
  4. WP Store Locator
  5. Five Star Restaurant Reviews

Best Plugins For Restaurant website

  1. Restaurant Menu Plugins

This is a one-stop kind of plugin for three areas. The customer will be able to check the online menu, order the food and lastly also be able to make bookings and reservations through the system online.

You don’t have to be a coder to know how this works, and these simple plugins for restaurant websites will be able to do all these three tasks; you have to add this to your WordPress website.

This plugin is great when the probable outcome is to offer a drop-down menu from which the food is selected. The editor plugin can be customized by adding specific food images and different size options for the customers to select as the quantity can be customized. The design is responsive and mobile-friendly, making it a great plugin for users who use smartphones more than any other gadget.

When the customer is ordering online, options like “Single checkout page” or “Autofill for information” are great ways to help return customers reordering with ease.

The customer can also get “real-time confirmations” of their food delivery and the expected time left for the delivery. This plugin also provides the option for changing the order pick-up time and delivery time.

A simple form for “reservations in advance” is also available in this plugin, where the customers can confirm the reservations in the restaurant’s application.

  1. Store Hours Manager for Woo Commerce

Most restaurants get asked a number of queries like:

  • Is the shop still open?
  • When do you open on weekends?
  • What is your closing time during the national holidays?
  • What is the total number of hours the restaurant remains open on any day of the week?

To avoid answering such questions every day through phone calls or online messages, one option is to put up the “working hours” on the website.

This plugin, “Store Hours Manager for Woo Commerce,” provides you with the freedom to advise your visitors. To only accept orders depending on your timetable, you can activate (or deactivate) the checkout feature. This way, no bookings will be completed when you’re closed.

The important feature of his plugin is a “popup,” which is seen throughout the website and doesn’t let new orders take place for checkouts when there is a rush hour in the restaurant. This option can also be used by the management using the mobile application.

If upgraded, this plugin also offers a bonus feature in which the company logo can be added to all notifications, widgets, and the clock that is usually used for countdowns.

  1. Easy Notification Bar Plugins

The common scenario seen in the restaurant business is that every business is trying to ensure that the readers or website viewers end up buying and spending money on the business. For this, some offer “discount coupons,” and other competitors offer “lunch special” or “happy hour deals.” The basic idea is to spread these deals in the customer community through social media posts or notification messages which inform the visitor about the current offers.

This plugin, “Easy Notification Bar,” is used when notifications are needed. This plugin will put a bar at the top of the website. This can be customized according to any recent deals your restaurant is offering.

You can either make it permanent, also called “sticky bar,” where the notification bar will remain visible even when the customer is scrolling down, or make it static, i.e., it remains at the top even when the viewer is scrolling down.

This notification bar can be modified in the following areas, and more, as per the management’s instructions:

  1. Color
  2. Font size
  3. Background
  4. Text alignment

This option is quite useful when it is opened on the mobile phone instead of a larger screen.

  1. WP Store Locator Plugins For Restaurant website

Assuming that someone has booked your restaurant for dinner, the important aspect is to help them reach your exact location. Usually, after the booking, assuming the customer is new and does not know about the exact location of your restaurant, they would call you and ask for the exact location or ask a passerby to get the directions.

But today, you don’t have to go through this exhausting activity every time a customer makes a reservation. Instead, now the “WP Store Locator” plugin is used. This is a “powerful location management plugin” especially used by restaurants.

This is used by adding it to the WP website directly. The map can be personalized by adding “certain custom labels,” adding various filers, and whatnot. The customer can even get the driving directions by using this map plugin.

This plugin also has the option of adding contact information in case of any question. Contact information includes phone numbers, email addresses, and opening hours. In short, the plugin is highly helpful; it even provides the distance left in km and time, etc.

  1. Five Star Restaurant Reviews Plugins For Restaurant website

Customers are influenced by social validation. When it comes to purchasing services, they rely on the advice of relatives, colleagues, and sometimes even random people.

Reviews can influence new consumers by providing insight into the customer’s satisfaction level. If you use the input from comments, you can enhance your brand.

“Five Star Restaurant Reviews” is a simple Plugin used in WordPress that uses Meta tags to post and show ratings on your restaurant’s webpage. It searches browsers for reviews and integrates them.

You may accept an infinite amount of recommendations, receive scores on feedback, and upload those testimonials to your website using this plugin for restaurant websites.

The reviews are presented in a clean, contemporary format that adapts to any screen size. As a result, your reviews will appear great on mobile devices and tablets.

A “thumbnail layout” and an “image-based layout” are included in the premium edition of this WordPress plugin. You can also change the color and shape of your ratings and reviews using a variety of style options.

“Your Consumers Deserve a Better Restaurant Website”

The “dining-in experience” is equally as vital as the “online restaurant experience”.

  • The first step is to build a website for your restaurant.
  • Step two is to use these WordPress plugins for restaurant websites to display your menu for choosing from the different options, new campaigns and promotional activities, and open hours.

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